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Red Short

This is my favorite look for the spring. It’s often a little too toasty for the sweater here in Savannah, but at nights it gets a little cooler. I’m rockin the red shorts and Ralph Lauren, leather boat shoes (sans socks). Note the smaller bracelet on my right (your left) wrist. It was made by my lovely girlfriend, Ali.


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Recent Buys

BuysSecurity TagOver the past couple days, I’ve been spending all the money I got for Christmas (which we celebrated 6 days early this year). With the money, I purchased five things. A short sleeve, pink L.12.12 polo, a blue oxford, a brown (argyle) full-zip sweater, a 4.2oz bottle of Ralph Lauren #4 and a Christmas gift for Ali (which I won’t show/ tell in case she actually reads this). All the purchases were great deals and I love them all! The only problem is that the lady checking me out forgot to take security tag off the polo. Of course I beeped as I tried to walk out, but I didn’t think to look for a security tag. I stood there for a few minutes, waiting for someone to come check my receipt to make sure I wasn’t stealing anything, but nobody came :/ So now I have to go back sometime and tell Macy’s to take it off! I don’t mind too much, it’s an excuse to go look around the mall one last time before I go back to school!

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Oxford and an Interview

shirtSo, today I went in for an interview at the Lacoste store in the Cincinnati Premium Outlets. Thought it went well, but that’s not the main focus of this post. While there, I picked up a blue, with beige stripes, oxford. It is 100% cotton and quite soft! Size 38 fits my neck well, but has a little bit of room around the middle. I may go with a slim fit next time, but it still feels great! The tie in the picture is Christian Dior…

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Thanksgiving Attire

Thanksgiving AttireThis was my Thanksgiving attire, jeans (whale belt!!!), white oxford, red tie and blue argyle sweater. This season, I wasn’t going for casual or formal, just comfortable. Obviously this is not where Thanksgiving took place. My friends Matt, Maggie and I went to Wal-Mart to people watch all the midnight deal shoppers, good fun! The thing that I really like about this outfit is the sweater. It is by Tommy Hilfiger and it has the perfect tightness where it forms (for the most part) to your body and doesn’t have a large excess of fabric where you don’t want it!

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It’s so bad it just might work

It might workToday, I walked in to my room only to have my roommate criticize my choice of combining a bow tie and sandals. To him I say, It’s so bad it just might work. Mixing the extreme formal and extreme casual is a great way to bring style to your everyday look while overdressing the rest of your drawing class (though that’s not necessarily a bad thing). This outfit consists of thong sandals from Banana Republic, cotton khakis from Tommy Hilfiger, white oxford (not sure where it came from), bow tie from J. Parker and a hat asking how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop… of course I had to top it off with my whale belt! It has become an everyday item for me.

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4:00 Blazer

blazerSince it’s 4:00 in the morning (and it’s a school night), there’s nothing to do. So I might as well do what I’m here, in Savannah, to do… draw. This is a classic preppy look with a blue blazer, khakis and bright oxford shirt. One thing that isn’t as common in prep fashion is the skinny tie, but you can find a nice selection of skinny ties from Vineyard Vines. A Pawlak coat of arms featuring the Pawlak turtle in gold to match the brass buttons.

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First Drawing on the Blog

drawingSo here it is, my first drawing posted to the blog. It is a 100% cashmere sweater over a cotton polo (sweater used to be draped over the shoulders, but it got a bit chilly).  Khaki pants (no pleats) rolled up to show off the fact that there are no socks. Boat shoes covering the feet and a ribbon belt around the waist.

This is my favorite look, but I also enjoy replacing the polo with an oxford with a nice tie.

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