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Express Styling

ExpressNot really preppy, but I love the clothing from Express. I don’t really own anything from Express because whenever I get enough money to purchase something, I always choose something by Lacoste or Ralph Lauren instead. Today, my girlfriend and I went to the mall to try on some different outfits and take some pictures. This was one of the outfits I chose. I actually love the shirt and would’ve bought it, if not for the low funds in my bank account. It was a modern fit with lots of interesting stylings around the pockets and seams. The pants had a great fit that reminded me of a hybrid between suit pants and golf pants. I don’t normally go for the plaid ties, but this purple one really seemed to go with the outfit (and the purple hue of the glasses). The whole outfit made me want to party (jersey shore style). Next time I’m in the mood to get some new clothes (and have the money to afford it), I will defiantly made Express one of my first stops!

You can check out each piece of clothing here:

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Dior Ties

Dior TiesI don’t really look for a name when I’m buying ties, more for the style. The one exception is ties by Christian Dior. I really enjoy his style of tie and it’s a great way to bring a bold color to your outfit (mostly red for me…). So, next time you’re looking for a new tie, consider Dior.

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