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Red Short

This is my favorite look for the spring. It’s often a little too toasty for the sweater here in Savannah, but at nights it gets a little cooler. I’m rockin the red shorts and Ralph Lauren, leather boat shoes (sans socks). Note the smaller bracelet on my right (your left) wrist. It was made by my lovely girlfriend, Ali.


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It’s Getting Warmer

It’s getting warmer outside! I spent my spring break laying out in the sun in sunny Savannah. As guys, our swim suit selection is pretty limited. We have a basic shape, then you just vary the color or pattern. And let’s face it, swim wear for preppy guys is terrible! A lot of the options look like a Hawaiian shirt threw up on the wearers lap, but no fears, here’s a few great swim suit selections that are sure to keep you cool, and looking it too!

Vineyard Vines Solid Board Shorts - $79.50

Ralph Lauren Athletic Club Cayman 7" - $69.50

Lacoste Embroidered Swim Trunks - $85.00

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Recent Buys

BuysSecurity TagOver the past couple days, I’ve been spending all the money I got for Christmas (which we celebrated 6 days early this year). With the money, I purchased five things. A short sleeve, pink L.12.12 polo, a blue oxford, a brown (argyle) full-zip sweater, a 4.2oz bottle of Ralph Lauren #4 and a Christmas gift for Ali (which I won’t show/ tell in case she actually reads this). All the purchases were great deals and I love them all! The only problem is that the lady checking me out forgot to take security tag off the polo. Of course I beeped as I tried to walk out, but I didn’t think to look for a security tag. I stood there for a few minutes, waiting for someone to come check my receipt to make sure I wasn’t stealing anything, but nobody came :/ So now I have to go back sometime and tell Macy’s to take it off! I don’t mind too much, it’s an excuse to go look around the mall one last time before I go back to school!

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Late Night Boredom

Golf BallsSo, I have been a little bored at night lately, so I decided to throw some sharpie on some golf balls. I did the Lacoste one last night. The Polo, Tommy and Pawlak ones were done today. Couldn’t get the logos exactly since I only had black, silver and red, but they’re recognizable.

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The Tyler Short

Tyler ShortYesterday, while getting a Halloween costume from Goodwill, I came across the perfect pair of shorts for me. It’s the Tyler Short from Polo! Sadly they were too big so I couldn’t get them :/

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J. Parker

This is my favorite store in Savannah, J. Parker. This is by far the best menswear store in the entire city! It has great brands such as Lacoste, Zanella, Polo Ralph Lauren and Jack Victor. Here are a few pictures from the store’s website.

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The Shawl Sweater

Shawl SweaterComing back into style, the shawl sweater is a great way to keep warm this winter! For those who don’t know what a shawl sweater is, imagine if a sweater and a scarf had a kid (or just look at the picture…) The shawl sweater has recently been the feature of several fashion sites and blogs (one was even worn on the show Glee by Finn). So if you need a new sweater for this holiday season, consider getting a shawl sweater. The one pictured is by Rugby Ralph Lauren and is priced at $98.00.

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