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A Little More About Tommy

A couple posts ago, I defended Mr. Hilfiger. Now, I’m not going back on what that posts says. I don’t think he made those racist claims, this has happened to numerous other designers. I did a speech on Tommy Hilfiger for my speech class last quarter. My original purpose of the speech was to inform people of the downfall of the Hilfiger brand after racist accusations and how the company is coming back. When researching for the project, I learned just how wrong I am about the “Hilfiger” brand. So I’ll provide a couple bullets on what I now think of the brand.

-It shouldn’t be called Tommy Hilfiger. The man barely has anything to do with designing. He doesn’t sketch or provide any ideas past basic styling.

-I’m having a hard time calling the brand classic prep when the whole brand was made as a quick way to literally copy the Ralph Lauren preppy style.

-The ads are GREAT. I love the Hilfigers and I think it’s a wonderful marketing tool. However, you can’t find a lot of (pretty much all of) the clothes, in the ads, in the actual stores. I know that they’re trying to bring people into the specialty stores in New York and stuff, but I’m a poor college student in Georgia… I can’t get to New York too easily, and I’m not even sure I’d want to travel the distance, just for Tommy, if possible.

-That being said, the stuff from Tommy is still of decent quality. I see nothing wrong with picking up a few basic items from Tommy (ex. chinos or a tie). Anything farther than that, I just can’t see spending my money on it.

-I love some of my Tommy gear, but sometimes I wonder if it’s worth supporting a brand that I just don’t believe (heavily) anymore.

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Like Son, Like Father

Dad and MeI’ve never really looked to Father for fashion advise. He’s been pretty typical (as far as a dad goes) with his clothing choice. He has always worn nicer clothes to work (more relaxed now compared to when I was younger) and a tee-shirt and jeans in the evenings. When he would dress up, for a wedding or other event, He would pull out one of his numerous suits that he has had for some time. When I was first getting into fashion and really trying to look good, I would ask him why he never really got any brand names or bothered to follow current fashion trends. He would respond with the same answer as I get from, pretty much, everyone I bring this up with. “Buying brand names is too expensive and I don’t understand why I would bother spending $90 on a shirt when I can get a similar one for only $25.” Now, before I get into how I got him to change (a little), I’ll first tell you that he is a Vice President at Goodwill and Easter Seals, so he likes to buy his clothes from Goodwill to help support his company (and pay practically nothing for his clothes).

One day, my Dad came back home (from an out of state conference) with a new shirt. It was a blue, 1992 Abercrombie and Fitch Oxford (same one as in the picture). He was amazed that it was 18 years old (at the time) and that it was still in amazing shape! This was the shirt that, finally, brought my Father to buying brand names. He’s still yet to become a Lacoste fan (as finding ANYTHING from Lacoste in a Goodwill is impossible), but he has several great items by Tommy, Izod and (I believe) Ralph Lauren.

I also have found some great deals at amazing prices (at Goodwill). I’ve picked up a couple polos including the Lion Brand polo (mentioned in this post) and a Polo Ralph Lauren polo. Goodwill is also a great place to pick up ties! Getting a new tie at Ralph Lauren can cost you way over a hundred dollars, and it will look fresh and new (not really the look I’m going for)! At Goodwill, I can get a tie for only a buck! It will also have a worn in, rustic look that will make it look like I’ve been wearing the tie since I came home from the hospital, for the first time! So, I defiantly encourage everyone to scout out their local Goodwills and look for some deals (and support my Dad!!!).

It should also be noted that although my Dad and I are dressed similarly in the picture… I had my clothes on first, and he is the copy cat here!

Abercrombie and Fitch Oxford
Abercrombie and Fitch Tie
IZOD Crew Neck Sweater

Tommy Hilfiger Oxford
Christian Dior Tie
Lacoste V Neck Sweater

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The Hatred of Tommy

So, as a lot of you know, there is an extreme hatred for Mr. Hilfiger in the fashion world. It is said that Tommy gave this quote on the Oprah Winfrey show, ”If I’d known African-Americans, Hispanics, Jewish, Indians and Asians would buy my clothes, I WOULD NOT have made them so nice. I wish these people would *NOT* buy my clothes, as they are made for upper class white people.” As anyone, who has done any research on this, knows, this statement never occurred. You can look all you want, but you can’t find a video of Tommy saying anything close to this. Here’s a video of Tommy, actually on Oprah.

So, hopefully this gets rid of any negative feelings you have toward Tommy Hilfiger or his clothes. It’s a great, American brand that selling the preppy style at a cheaper price than you’ll find of other, similar stores.

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Late Night Boredom

Golf BallsSo, I have been a little bored at night lately, so I decided to throw some sharpie on some golf balls. I did the Lacoste one last night. The Polo, Tommy and Pawlak ones were done today. Couldn’t get the logos exactly since I only had black, silver and red, but they’re recognizable.

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My Tommy Day

Tommy DayToday is my “Tommy Day.” I have a Tommy button-down, Tommy khakis, Tommy tie and a Tommy lanyard. Needless to say, I like Mr. Hilfiger’s stuff. Normally I don’t go all one brand like this, but today I thought I’d make an exception because I like the tie and shirt combination.

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Tennis Sweater

This is currently my biggest want. A warm and cozy tennis sweater. Displayed below are sweaters from Lacoste and one from Tommy Hilfiger, my two favorite versions. I saw the Tommy Hilfiger one at the outlet a bit ago for around $40, while Lacoste retails theirs for $155.LacosteTommy Hilfiger

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My Favorite Brands

My Favorite BrandsI know this blog is only a couple days old, so nobody really knows my style yet. So to help explain my style, I’ll tell/ show you my three favorite brands. They are Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren. All three are classic preppy brands and all work well with my personal style. I came to like these brands a few years ago when I was first introduced to Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren. Both are in an outlet mall (now joined by Lacoste). I had always been interested in the prep style, but never knew how to properly execute it. At the time, Ralph Lauren clothing was way out of the budget, so I had to stick to the good sales at Tommy Hilfiger. The entire feel of the store was what drew me in, dark woods with burgundy accents, good stuff. Since then I have bought things from Ralph Lauren and am loving every purchase (well worth the money for the quality)! Not too long ago, I acquired my first article of Lacoste clothing, a 100% cotton navy sweater. Easily my favorite piece of clothing in my wardrobe! I also bought some Lacoste polos and since then I am completely sold on the brand.

The great thing about preppy brands is that they go for quality. One sweater from Ralph Lauren will last you too many years to count. The other great thing about prep is that it will never go out of style. Trends will change, but everyone will always know that you’re prep.


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