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Brooks Brothers knows how to do summer

I have always thought of Brooks Brothers as a formal store. I’m not sure why, but whenever I thought  BB, it always turned into blazers and pressed chinos. Recently, I’ve been exposed to the BB YouTube channel, and it has changed my perception on them forever. I watched the video below and I was amazed at the styled presented. Prep has always been classy, but BB adds a new polish to the style that I’ve never seen before. They manage to take everyday looks, like a stripped oxford and dyed chinos, and shows it in a new light. Many advertisements for preppy brands come off as false and fake (I’m lookin at you Hilfigers), but BB helps to make the style look livable.

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Posted by on May 3, 2011 in Classic, Prep Style


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Brooks Brothers Pink

Brooks Brothers PinkHaving one of the most classic dress shirts in the preppies wardrobe, Brooks Brothers is the only company to achieve the perfect pink color that is so iconic to the preppy look. Running at $79.50, it won’t be the cheapest shirt in the closet, but it is well worth the cost since you will be wearing this shirt for many years to come.

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