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Brooks Brothers knows how to do summer

I have always thought of Brooks Brothers as a formal store. I’m not sure why, but whenever I thought  BB, it always turned into blazers and pressed chinos. Recently, I’ve been exposed to the BB YouTube channel, and it has changed my perception on them forever. I watched the video below and I was amazed at the styled presented. Prep has always been classy, but BB adds a new polish to the style that I’ve never seen before. They manage to take everyday looks, like a stripped oxford and dyed chinos, and shows it in a new light. Many advertisements for preppy brands come off as false and fake (I’m lookin at you Hilfigers), but BB helps to make the style look livable.

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It’s Getting Warmer

It’s getting warmer outside! I spent my spring break laying out in the sun in sunny Savannah. As guys, our swim suit selection is pretty limited. We have a basic shape, then you just vary the color or pattern. And let’s face it, swim wear for preppy guys is terrible! A lot of the options look like a Hawaiian shirt threw up on the wearers lap, but no fears, here’s a few great swim suit selections that are sure to keep you cool, and looking it too!

Vineyard Vines Solid Board Shorts - $79.50

Ralph Lauren Athletic Club Cayman 7" - $69.50

Lacoste Embroidered Swim Trunks - $85.00

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A Little More About Tommy

A couple posts ago, I defended Mr. Hilfiger. Now, I’m not going back on what that posts says. I don’t think he made those racist claims, this has happened to numerous other designers. I did a speech on Tommy Hilfiger for my speech class last quarter. My original purpose of the speech was to inform people of the downfall of the Hilfiger brand after racist accusations and how the company is coming back. When researching for the project, I learned just how wrong I am about the “Hilfiger” brand. So I’ll provide a couple bullets on what I now think of the brand.

-It shouldn’t be called Tommy Hilfiger. The man barely has anything to do with designing. He doesn’t sketch or provide any ideas past basic styling.

-I’m having a hard time calling the brand classic prep when the whole brand was made as a quick way to literally copy the Ralph Lauren preppy style.

-The ads are GREAT. I love the Hilfigers and I think it’s a wonderful marketing tool. However, you can’t find a lot of (pretty much all of) the clothes, in the ads, in the actual stores. I know that they’re trying to bring people into the specialty stores in New York and stuff, but I’m a poor college student in Georgia… I can’t get to New York too easily, and I’m not even sure I’d want to travel the distance, just for Tommy, if possible.

-That being said, the stuff from Tommy is still of decent quality. I see nothing wrong with picking up a few basic items from Tommy (ex. chinos or a tie). Anything farther than that, I just can’t see spending my money on it.

-I love some of my Tommy gear, but sometimes I wonder if it’s worth supporting a brand that I just don’t believe (heavily) anymore.

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The Hatred of Tommy

So, as a lot of you know, there is an extreme hatred for Mr. Hilfiger in the fashion world. It is said that Tommy gave this quote on the Oprah Winfrey show, ”If I’d known African-Americans, Hispanics, Jewish, Indians and Asians would buy my clothes, I WOULD NOT have made them so nice. I wish these people would *NOT* buy my clothes, as they are made for upper class white people.” As anyone, who has done any research on this, knows, this statement never occurred. You can look all you want, but you can’t find a video of Tommy saying anything close to this. Here’s a video of Tommy, actually on Oprah.

So, hopefully this gets rid of any negative feelings you have toward Tommy Hilfiger or his clothes. It’s a great, American brand that selling the preppy style at a cheaper price than you’ll find of other, similar stores.

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The Shawl Sweater

Shawl SweaterComing back into style, the shawl sweater is a great way to keep warm this winter! For those who don’t know what a shawl sweater is, imagine if a sweater and a scarf had a kid (or just look at the picture…) The shawl sweater has recently been the feature of several fashion sites and blogs (one was even worn on the show Glee by Finn). So if you need a new sweater for this holiday season, consider getting a shawl sweater. The one pictured is by Rugby Ralph Lauren and is priced at $98.00.

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Is Prep Dead?

True PrepAfter reading the latest post on The Preppy Princess, I really started to wonder what direction prep is going in. I guess this is my major issue with True Prep as well. One of the main focuses of True Prep is to show how prep is no longer just a select group, but a collection of many groups.

Formerly WASP. Failing that, white and heterosexual. One day we became curious or bored and wanted to branch out, and before you knew it, we were all mixed up. ~True Prep

I may not be remembering right, but isn’t one of the things that defines prep is the exclusiveness of it? The Official Preppy Handbook talks a lot about how not everybody is prep and how to recognize other preps. I think these contradict each other since 30 years ago preppies were being told to be exclusive, but now we are being told that practically everyone is prep in some form.
I was not born a prep… I was born in southwest Ohio and went to public school my entire life… The exclusiveness is one of the main things that drew me to being prep.

The importance of keeping one’s young within the Preppy fold cannot be stressed too much. Preppies must not stray. They may rebel, they may carry picket signs, but they will never lose that glow, that je ne sais quoi that makes them Prep. ~The Official Preppy Handbook

Do I think prep is dying? No. I think that the world’s view of prep is becoming more mainstream. There will always be some of us who stay true to prep (not necessarily to True Prep). I think that the prep world will go on without True Prep and stay the same as it has ever been. True Prep should be used as a basic guide to prep, not as a prep bible. I just hope that the next preppy handbook doesn’t have Hollister and American Eagle in it!

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The Big Pony

The Big PonyFrom True PrepI was watching the US Open a while ago when I saw one of my favorite brands being sported by the ball boys/ girls, Ralph Lauren… This really isn’t a problem, considering tennis is a VERY preppy sport. The thing that bothered me was the size of the Ralph Lauren polo player. The normal 1.25 inch pony had been stretched to 5 inches. “True Prep” by Lisa Birnbach recognizes this big pony without any major problems, but I do have a problem with it (obviously). I believe that while logos should be visible as an assurance of quality, they should not be shoved down you throat. Isn’t this what destroyed Abercrombie & Fitch? Anyways, I just don’t want to see one of my favorite brands go down the same path as another, failed, preppy brand..

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