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Well, Money has Cotton in it

Money ClothesAlways the creative one, Mom folded bills into little articles of clothing for me this Christmas. If you can’t tell, they’re a polo, pants and a bow tie. The bow tie is my favorite and it looks to be the most complicated to fold. I’ll have to have Mom teach me how to do this so I can have a creative way to leave a tip at restaurants!

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Wear the Pants (without the fold)

HangerAll my life, I’ve stored my pants on a standard hanger. You’d just slide the pants through and let both sides fall. This is great for putting everything in your closet, but you always end up with creases around your knees. That’s no way to look put together! My roommate has these awesome hangers for hanging pants. They’re called Trouser Clamps and you can get them at the Container Store. These clamps don’t require you to fold your pants in half, creating creases. They hold the pants at the ankle and let the rest fall. I would only recommend using these with pants that have pressed folds down the leg.

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How to fold a Lacoste polo

This is a step-by-step instructional guide to folding a Lacoste Polo shirt so that the crocodile is displayed when the shirts are stacked. This is a great way to organize your closet so that it is easy to find all of your polos quickly while saving space.

Awesome Picture

Step One:
Button all buttons on the polo and lay it on its front so that it is as flat as possible.

Step One

Step Two:
Fold one third of the shirt over to cover the middle third.

Step Two

Step Three:
Fold the other side over the middle third.

Step Three

Step Four:
Locate the crocodile, then fold the bottom of the shirt up to approximately a half inch below the crocodile.

Step Four

Step Five:
Fold the top back onto the rest of the shirt and tidy up all edges and corners.

Step Five

That’s all the steps! Now you know how to easily stack your polos so that they are well presented and space friendly.



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