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Recent Buys

BuysSecurity TagOver the past couple days, I’ve been spending all the money I got for Christmas (which we celebrated 6 days early this year). With the money, I purchased five things. A short sleeve, pink L.12.12 polo, a blue oxford, a brown (argyle) full-zip sweater, a 4.2oz bottle of Ralph Lauren #4 and a Christmas gift for Ali (which I won’t show/ tell in case she actually reads this). All the purchases were great deals and I love them all! The only problem is that the lady checking me out forgot to take security tag off the polo. Of course I beeped as I tried to walk out, but I didn’t think to look for a security tag. I stood there for a few minutes, waiting for someone to come check my receipt to make sure I wasn’t stealing anything, but nobody came :/ So now I have to go back sometime and tell Macy’s to take it off! I don’t mind too much, it’s an excuse to go look around the mall one last time before I go back to school!

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Tommy: my every day cologne

My CologneThis is the cologne that I use on a daily basis, it is Tommy for Him. This is a great cologne for a man of any age, it is clean, crisp and refreshing! You can get this cologne anywhere from Macy’s to Wal-Mart. Another cologne that I use is the Ralph Lauren #4 cologne. This one is amazing, but I reserve it for special occasions and leave everyday to Tommy.


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