Red Short

09 May

This is my favorite look for the spring. It’s often a little too toasty for the sweater here in Savannah, but at nights it gets a little cooler. I’m rockin the red shorts and Ralph Lauren, leather boat shoes (sans socks). Note the smaller bracelet on my right (your left) wrist. It was made by my lovely girlfriend, Ali.


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2 responses to “Red Short

  1. Antome

    May 8, 2012 at 11:26 am

    I’d want to do the same with my casual modern (yet classy) loafers, how do they feel without socks? I mean if there is little friction and the foot doesn’t feel like “he”s sweating too much like it’s suffocating, and it sweats more like perspiration, it certainly doesn’t feel bad. I’d want to achieve the same sockless comfort girls seem to get when they wear their flats and loafers in summer. i always have the sensation that while some girl shoes are excruciatingly painful, when they choose a comfortable shoe, especially a loafer, they are much more fit and second skin like than the same shoe made for man, which sometimes makes it near impossible to be worn sockless. And let’s not forget that they could even make low cut loafers for both girls and boy, maybe leaving as “only girly” shoes, just those ballet flats like low cut loafers.
    I like ankle socks with shorts, but for summer I know sockless is another look and another feeling, it’s fresher, but only if you have good perspirating and well fittedo shoes, otherwise, pain in the ass.

    • pawlak

      May 8, 2012 at 7:55 pm

      I always use a lot of gold bond to counteract the sweat (and smell). Wearing loafers without socks hurts A LOT at first, but after a while you just build up calluses and it doesn’t hurt anymore.


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