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Oxford and an Interview

shirtSo, today I went in for an interview at the Lacoste store in the Cincinnati Premium Outlets. Thought it went well, but that’s not the main focus of this post. While there, I picked up a blue, with beige stripes, oxford. It is 100% cotton and quite soft! Size 38 fits my neck well, but has a little bit of room around the middle. I may go with a slim fit next time, but it still feels great! The tie in the picture is Christian Dior…

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Lacoste Scarf

Lacoste ScarfThis is the scarf the I recently got from the new Lacoste store in the Monroe Outlets. It was originally $55, but I found this one discounted to only $15! One of the best deals I saw on Black Friday. It is mostly lambswool, so it is pretty warm. I gotta say thanks to one of my best friends, Matt, for loaning me the $15 since I didn’t have any money :/ Oh it sucks to be broke!


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Thanksgiving Attire

Thanksgiving AttireThis was my Thanksgiving attire, jeans (whale belt!!!), white oxford, red tie and blue argyle sweater. This season, I wasn’t going for casual or formal, just comfortable. Obviously this is not where Thanksgiving took place. My friends Matt, Maggie and I went to Wal-Mart to people watch all the midnight deal shoppers, good fun! The thing that I really like about this outfit is the sweater. It is by Tommy Hilfiger and it has the perfect tightness where it forms (for the most part) to your body and doesn’t have a large excess of fabric where you don’t want it!

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It’s so bad it just might work

It might workToday, I walked in to my room only to have my roommate criticize my choice of combining a bow tie and sandals. To him I say, It’s so bad it just might work. Mixing the extreme formal and extreme casual is a great way to bring style to your everyday look while overdressing the rest of your drawing class (though that’s not necessarily a bad thing). This outfit consists of thong sandals from Banana Republic, cotton khakis from Tommy Hilfiger, white oxford (not sure where it came from), bow tie from J. Parker and a hat asking how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop… of course I had to top it off with my whale belt! It has become an everyday item for me.

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Whale Belt

To get this out of the way, yes I got this from a website called Preppy Princess… you might ask why, well it was $30 cheaper than a similar one at J. Parker and it allowed me to customize it however I wanted.

Whale belt

Now that that’s out of the way, we’ll talk about the actual belt. It is 1 1/4″ cotton web with the ribbon of your choice on top (mine choice is whales). They have a TON of ribbons to choose from and a number of webbing colors as well. Each belt is $23 plus shipping. Every belt is custom made to order, but there is an option to enter in a date that you would like the belt by. My only complaint is that the whale looks sad, I wish it looked a little happier!

Made is New England

Now for the presentation. My belt was shipped to me in a nice box wrapped in lobster themed tissue paper wrapped with blue ribbon, hand written thank you note tucked in. The belt itself was also wrapped in tissue paper and a plastic, protective bag.  Overall, wonderful presentation! The belt itself is of exceptional quality and I would defiantly buy another if I wasn’t broke… This is a must buy!

The Box...

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