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The Tyler Short

Tyler ShortYesterday, while getting a Halloween costume from Goodwill, I came across the perfect pair of shorts for me. It’s the Tyler Short from Polo! Sadly they were too big so I couldn’t get them :/

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My Nautically Themed Art

While it isn’t fashion, I decided to post this because it does have some preppy themes to it. The project was to create art using a matchbox and a 9.75 in foldout. So this is what I came up with.

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That’s… A Look…

a lookIt’s not my look, but I saw this guy sitting in front of me on the bus today and I had to snap a picture.

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Casual Friday

Friday LookIt’s a nice and sunny day here in Savannah and it’s a Friday, so I figured I’d go a little more casual than normal! Going from head to toe, I have Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, a marjoram green Lacoste (untucked), light wash jeans and boat shoes. It’s a nice look to walk around in for the day, looking good, but still casual.

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4:00 Blazer

blazerSince it’s 4:00 in the morning (and it’s a school night), there’s nothing to do. So I might as well do what I’m here, in Savannah, to do… draw. This is a classic preppy look with a blue blazer, khakis and bright oxford shirt. One thing that isn’t as common in prep fashion is the skinny tie, but you can find a nice selection of skinny ties from Vineyard Vines. A Pawlak coat of arms featuring the Pawlak turtle in gold to match the brass buttons.

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J. Parker

This is my favorite store in Savannah, J. Parker. This is by far the best menswear store in the entire city! It has great brands such as Lacoste, Zanella, Polo Ralph Lauren and Jack Victor. Here are a few pictures from the store’s website.

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The Shawl Sweater

Shawl SweaterComing back into style, the shawl sweater is a great way to keep warm this winter! For those who don’t know what a shawl sweater is, imagine if a sweater and a scarf had a kid (or just look at the picture…) The shawl sweater has recently been the feature of several fashion sites and blogs (one was even worn on the show Glee by Finn). So if you need a new sweater for this holiday season, consider getting a shawl sweater. The one pictured is by Rugby Ralph Lauren and is priced at $98.00.

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